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It took us a while to capture the heady scent of this beautiful flower grown in a humid greenhouse, but when it was finally complete, our entire team went dizzy with delight.


TOP NOTES: Fresh Herbal Greens, Lotus, and Water Lily

MIDDLE NOTES:   Greenhouse Peonies, Crystalline Water Flowers, White Orchid.

BASE NOTES: Woody Amber, Blonde Resin


  • A more hydrating version of our Classic Hand Creme, this compound features Shea Butter and Micronized Safflower Oil to deliver long lasting hydration
  • Pro Tip: Slather on feet before bed, slip into a pair of cotton socks and wake up with just pedicured like feet.
  • Packaged in our signature fabric box this is a beautiful gift to give or receive.

"My husband and I chose a scent to gift each other on our wedding day- something we specifically picked out for each other to help capture every detail of that day- including creating a scent memory. My husband chose Hothouse Peony for me and I was immediately enchanted. Years later, I still have the original bottle and hang on to the last few drops by only wearing it on our anniversary each year so I can relive the smell of our magical day."



"When you live in completely different parts of the world you tend to cling to certain comforts and familiarities. Hothouse Peonie has been my signature scent since I discovered it 4 years ago; it makes me feel me, and complete. I’ve brought it with me through living in different continents, crazy milestones, and seasons of life. Needless to say, I’m SO happy knowing that I will not have to savor my last bottle and spritz for too much longer😉"



"Two words.....hothouse peonie!!!! If I could make everything in my life smell like this magical fragrance, I would. My sweet sister lives all the way across the country from me, but she gifted me with the hothouse peonie hand cream years ago. Scent is the strongest trigger for the memory and every time I smell it I’m reminded of my wonderful sister. I love it so much that I refuse to throw out the almost completely empty tube. I open it on occasion just to get a little whiff and think about my lovely sister. I will be first in line to purchase any all things hothouse peonie scented and am so excited to be able to smell that glorious scent regularly once more."



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