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I've often found that my life has moved in circles. Almost ten years ago, feeling stuck with my life, I took a sabbatical in London and came across a book in an antique store that would change my life. Three short years later I had launched a brand with a dedicated following, became one of Oprah's favorites and traveled the world sharing the products I created with so much love. Unfortunately, internal company struggles soon drove my life and when my Mom got sick, I chose family over the company and exited the brand.  

Fast forward a few years and an opportunity became available and an answer became clear,   Tthe company I started in a one car garage and grew with all of your love was just not a company without me. The circle has come back around and I'm pleased to announce that I have purchased Royal Apothic back and am relaunching the brand so many of you loved and missed. We are going back to our original formulas and have a ton of new products in development that I know you will all love! We've made some major changes. We are now San Francisco and London and have Builder a brand new production facility that tripled the capacity of the precious company.  

Ive spent the last few months in the land and I am so excited to show you what we are working on. Thank you so much for all of the LOVE you have shown most of all, thank you for being on this journey with me!