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Classic Hand Creams

The Product That Made Us Famous

"I never thought a hand creme would make us famous, in fact prior to creating Royal Apothic I HATED using hand creme. I always felt greasy and would want to wipe my hand on my pants. After hundreds of customer requests I went into the lab and formulated one of the best products we have ever made that has developed a cult following. We have moved back to the ORIGINAL formula so I know you will love it as much as I do!"

XO, Sean

Available in two sizes, the 1.7 travel size is perfect to tuck in your purse or office drawer


No parabans or sulfates means it's safe to use every day.


We use micronized Safflower oil and food grade ingredients to provide long lasting hydration without any greasy feel!  


Holland Park Hand Creme, 4 oz
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Terra Firma Hand Creme, 4 oz
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Lemoncello Hand Cream, 1.25 oz
Holland Park Hand Creme, 1.25 oz
Cutting Garden Hand Cream, 4 oz
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Cutting Garden Hand Cream, 1.25 oz
City Of Angels Hand Cream, 1.25 oz
City Of Angels Hand Cream, 4 oz
Lemoncello Hand Cream, 4 oz
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Topiary Hand Cream, 4 Oz
Terra Firma Hand Creme, 1.25 oz
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Topiary Hand Cream, 1.25 Oz
Mayfair Lane Hand Cream 1.25 Travel Size
Mayfair Lane Hand Cream, 4 oz

"As a nurse I am constantly washing my hands. This cream is a lifesaver. Its the perfect amount of fragrance so my patients never complain and my hands stay soft and smooth all day. Call me crazy but I have even noticed my nails grow faster and chip less. Im a fan for life!"



"Can't get enough of your amazing scents. Your hand creme line is divine. The smell, feel and lasting effect of your lotion never fail. Always in my bag. #Obsessed"



"I started putting this on my dry heels and hands to help moisturize. I was astonished at how wonderful this cream is. My husband is even using this on his feet and hands now. We both love it. This is the only thing I've used that truly helps my dry heels. Nothing in the past has helped but this stuff really does the trick."