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Eau Hey Rosé

Introducing our newest fragrance,

three years in the making!

When I first started Royal Apothic, I knew that I wanted our fragrances to be fun. Based in sunny California with a brand built on my London roots, we capture a lifestyle based on happiness, little luxuries, travel, and fun.  We capture experiences and memories and translate them into scent; scents that adapt and change on the skin ever so slightly to reflect the person wearing them The end result? A fragrance as unique and individual as you.  We are the last step in your beauty routine, and the one you remember all day.  If there is one thing I have learned it’s that life is short, if you can’t hop on the Eurostar to Paris, at least smell like you just got back...


Pink Tea Rose

White Hydrangea

Dewy Freesia

Yuzu Fruit


Bubbly Rosé

Cashmere Wood

White Grape

Crisp Garden Leaf


Blonde Woods

White Amber


French Oak

Sold out

Sold out

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