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"Living between the United States and the United Kingdom definitely has its benefits. The only drawback to a Spring in London is the magical scent that fills the City of Angels every night just upon sundown. Homesick for the scent, I went into our London lab intent on transporting myself back to LA. 3 species of Jasmine, notes of the Pacific Ocean, Eucalyptus and even a little Ozone to mimic smog became the compound. When other expats smelled it and immediately knew the scent, I knew I to add it to the collection"



TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Fresh Grapefruit and Rose Petal

MIDDLE NOTES: Rose leaf, Linden Flower and Geranium

BOTTOM NOTES: Vanilla, Black Orchid, Rosewood


  • Micronized Safflower Oil provides long lasting, deep hydration without ever feeling greasy
  • Hand fragranced in small batches to ensure the perfect amount of fragrance, never overpowering but long lasting.
  • Two sizes: Keep one at home and travel with the other for perfect hand at all times

"I've been in love with City of Angels since my very first bottle. As a former resident, I can CONFIRM that this does really smell like Los Angeles. I'm thrilled to repurchase, it's cheaper than a plane ticket"



"They say that scent can evoke a memory and when my husband asked me to marry him during a trip to Los Angeles, this scent instantly takes me back. Im so happy for it's return "



"I've been hoarding an EMPTY bottle of City of Angels for at least five years. I even wait to welcome it back to life"