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A forest walk inspired this beautiful spicy floral. In the middle of a pine meadow, I came across a single Dogwood tree in full bloom and knew exactly what my next scent was to be.


TOP NOTES: Tobacco Flower and Warm Amber.

MIDDLE NOTES: Crisp Ginger, Honey, Cocoa Nib.

BASE NOTES: Tonka Bean, Teakwood, Cedar.


  • 18-20% fragrance oils create long lasting scent.
  • Packaged in our signature wooden box with a bisque plaster cap, this is a beautiful gift to give or receive.

"My friend gifted me with the Dogwood Blossom perfume a month ago and I have worn that scent just about every single day since then. (More recently I’ve been trying to be ration it...) I never imagined I’d find a perfume I’m so in love with, a scent that smells as good on me as it does directly from the bottle. I consider myself very lucky I won’t have to go without your perfume. I will never get over this scent! cristen_bs"



"I get so many compliments from what I have left. My almost two year old daughter pick up the bottle before bed each night, takes the lid off, breathes it in and says mama. 💞"



"I’ve been wearing dogwood for about 7 years it is my favorite sent in the world! Ive gotten so many compliments over the years!"