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Available in two sizes, the 1.7 travel size is perfect to tuck in your purse or office drawer


No parabans or sulfates means it's safe to use every day.


We use micronized Safflower oil and food grade ingredients to provide long lasting hydration without any greasy feel!  


The Inspiration

"This all white floral was inspired by a garden planted by Elizabeth 1 at Windsor Castle. Although originally planted to bloom year round, we tried to imagine what it would smell like if every pant bloomed at one time. The result?

A fresh clean classic floral"



TOP NOTES: White Florals, Gardenia and Rose

MIDDLE NOTES: Star Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Hydrangea, Spring Leaves.

BOTTOM NOTES: Iris, Tuberose, Blonde Woods.


  • Micronized Safflower Oil provides long lasting, deep hydration without ever feeling greasy
  • Hand fragranced in small batches to ensure the perfect amount of fragrance, never overpowering but long lasting.
  • Two sizes: Keep one at home and travel with the other for perfect hand at all times

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