Cuppa Cuppa

An 8 minute indulgence
for brighter, softer skin!

The Story of Cupppa Cuppa?

Our constant travel schedule and personal appearances were wreaking havoc on our skin. wanted a quick, easy solution that would give instant|visible results.

Cuppa Cuppa was born out of this need and it started with the inspiration of London’s devotion to tea.

Cuppa Cuppa formula starts with a rare Italian purple
clay containing Magnesium that promotes cell maintenance
essential for providing a younger appearance to the skin.

What Goes Into A Cuppa?

  • A highly concentrated mix of White tea, Green tea, Ceylon tea, and Black tea provide strong antioxidants.

  • Coffee Beans help stimulate cell dynamism, reinforce dermis, and create an immediate and effective soothing reaction.

  • Goji Berry is an energizing cocktail composed of C and B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It provides protecting, detoxifying, fortifying and vitalizing properties.

  • Licorice Root Extract anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties which helps brighten skin over time.

  • Acai Berry is not only moisturizing but may also aid in cellular regeneration. This berry can also aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen synthesis.

How do you apply your Cuppa?

Softer, brighter skin in just 8 minutes!

Apply liberally to face,neck, and chest.

Leave Cuppa on for 8 minutes.

To remove, wet fingers to lightly exfoliate skin in a circular pattern over face and rinse with warm water.

Apply moisturizer and makeup as desired.

Each tin contains 6 individual
tubes keeping your Cuppa
fresh for each use.


We've Heard Good Things

  • “I loved this face mask. I could feel it tightening my skin. After I took it off, my skin look tighter and felt so soft. It didn't make me break out or anything. My skin felt really nice for quite a while after using this. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!” -Blythe

  • “There are many things I liked about this mask: the beautiful packaging, the smell of the product, the way it made my skin tingle as it dried, and most importantly, the way my skin felt after I washed the mask off. This mask made my skin feel so soft and clean and the smell was so relaxing. This mask is like a mini spa experience!” -Melanie

  • “I am such a fan of this treatment mask. It smelled so nice and felt very effective during the 8 minutes we're supposed to leave it on. My skin felt soft and so refreshed post-use. What a terrific product!” -Claudia