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Let's face it, Carnations get a bad rap. This definitely does not smell like a prom corsage, instead it reminiscent of a bridal bouquet on a crisp wedding day morning.


TOP NOTES:   Black currant and Carnation

MIDDLE NOTES: Spicy Marigold, Clove, Violet Leaf.

BASE NOTES: Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, and Oriental Musk.


  • 18-20% fragrance oils create long lasting scent.
  • Packaged in our signature wooden box with a bisque plaster cap, this is a beautiful gift to give or receive.

"Noble Carnation is by far my favorite scent I’ve ever worn. I wore a spritz of it from my stockpile on a first date recently and my date couldn’t stop talking about how great I smelled. When I told him I was nearly out and couldn’t get more he pulled over the car over to scour the internet. He was determined to find me another bottle, even though I assured him I’d exhausted all options for getting my hands on one. He was disgruntled about it the rest of the night and was in disbelief that something that smelled so amazing no longer existed. I will be first in line to grab a bottle when it comes back! The success of my dating life depends on it! 😉"



"Noble Carnation has been my signature fragrance FOREVER. Anyone who knows me, knows me by that beautifully warm and soft scent. I receive countless compliments on how I smell every time I leave the house with it on. It’s the perfect mixture of warm, welcoming, and elegant. I cannot wait for it to come back!!"



"You have NO IDEA how excited I am to learn that u are coming back!!!!!!!!!! I literally want to cry! I have had to search the internet for my last 4 bottles of Royal Apothic Noble Carnation perfume -- and two of them 2 of the bottles I purchased USED!!! I CANNOT WAIT to purchase my all time favorite perfume from u again!!! I am a walking advertisement because EVERYONE I meet or run into LOVES my Royal Apothic Noble Carnation scent. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! 💜"