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When the time came to expand the Conservatories collection, I knew that my favorite flower had to be next. 65 versions later, Jasmine Vine was born.   A blend of both flower and vine, the crisp floral transitions easily from day to night. I used 3 species to blend the perfect scent.


TOP NOTES: Crisp Lemon, Green Mint, and Star Jasmine

MIDDLE NOTES: White Pepper, Hyacinth, Peach, And Pink Jasmine

BASE NOTES: Cedar Wood, Labdanum, And Arabian Jasmine.


  • 18-20% fragrance oils create long lasting scent.
  • Packaged in our signature wooden box with a bisque plaster cap, this is a beautiful gift to give or receive.

"Intoxicating!! My new favorite scent :). The hand lotion is long wearing too."



"As a collector of perfumes, I like to think I have a good nose. This fragrance blew me away and every time I wear it, SOMEONE stops to ask what it is"



"I love Jasmine and this scent definitely doesn't disappoint. I love to create a signature scent so I love to mix this with Hothouse Peonie. The two combine perfectly together"