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The Inspiration

"A favorite on warm summer nights, this delightful mix of sweet and sour seems to cool the balmy wind flowing over the land. Citrus based fragrances are very difficult to create as one wrong ingredient immediately makes them smell like cleaning fluid. To overcome this, I used the entire Meyer Lemon, peel, fruit and leaf over Lavender to compound a citrus that evolves throughout the day



TOP NOTES: Meyer Lemon Rind, White Anemone, Gardenia.

MIDDLE NOTES: Juicy Citrus, Blood Orange, Mandarin Leaf.

BOTTOM NOTES: Cherry Wood, Orange Wood, Lavender.


  • Micronized Safflower Oil provides long lasting, deep hydration without ever feeling greasy
  • Hand fragranced in small batches to ensure the perfect amount of fragrance, never overpowering but long lasting.
  • Two sizes: Keep one at home and travel with the other for perfect hand at all times

Available in two sizes, the 1.7 travel size is perfect to tuck in your purse or office drawer


No parabans or sulfates means it's safe to use every day.


We use micronized Safflower oil and food grade ingredients to provide long lasting hydration without any greasy feel!  


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